Nutrinorm Wellness

Nutrinorm wellness, we transform lives through our wide range of pure, botanical based products as a confluence of nature & technology. We strive to be an inspirational force that cares for its consumers & empowers them with an everlasting zest & confidence. Our brand is a reflection of our values. It defines who we are, and what we stand for.

Nutrinorm Wellness works primarily with conventional herbal & natural products based on Ayurveda - The science of knowledge, powered by science and propelled by proper education.

Nutrinorm Wellness Healthcare is committed to delivering high quality products that are inspired by Ayurveda and driven by a cutting edge scientific approach. As a team, we work towards “Validation of ancient wisdom through scientific interpretation” through a unique understanding of scriptures that recalibrate ancient knowledge to modern applications.

All our products, services and teams are aligned to ideology 'Inspired by Ayurveda. Propelled by Education. Validated by Research'.

Our Mission

As a leading science-based, problem-solving, head-to-heel brand, inspired by Ayurveda and committed to the welfare of the user - we are governed by our three principal pillars:

  • Offer safe and comprehensive beauty solutions to all our customers.
  • Build and maintain partner relationships with all stakeholders based on trust and reciprocity.
  • Strive to improve our operations, and take a socially reponsible stance at all times.


By developing high-quality, natural, innovative and well-researched products that are safe for the user
and the environment, we aim to:

  • Be the preferred and obvious choice for herbal and natural wellness in every household.
  • Be the safest product in the market, that empowers and uplifts the user.
  • Strive towards ethics, commitment and sustenance.
  • Set the benchmark inn affordability and research, thereby elevating the quality of life.
  • Break into new markets, adding value to our business and the safety.

Quality Management

Nutrinorm Wellness is committed in creating products of the highest quality. We are constantly upgrading our cutting-edge technology, in creating our products, packages and services. Hence, we undertake numerous periodic clinical trials across various countries, proving scientifically that our innovation fullfills promises.

All our products adhere to international quality norms and R&D stand point following Good Agriculture Collection Practice (GACP), cGMP (Continued Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

The Journey Ahead

Our goal is to widen our product offerings and to achieve this, we continue to research and develop products in DSIR certified laboratories, cGMP certified manufacturing units and clinical research as conducted through the follow up of GACP guidelines adopting the general principles described in the guidelines implemented by GoI from time to time.

Like any other pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals product, all the products available are a 100% compliant to the product approval process from the competent license authorities. Presently the products are licensed with Department of AYUSH, Govt of India as Proprietary Ayurvedic formulations either as medicine, beauty care and health promoters based on the composition and claims; Proprietary food products under Food Safety Standards Authority of India.

We ensure that all the formulations have undergone the successive stages of quality, safety and efficacy prior to approval. This process ensures that our specific proprietary formulations are registered and legalized also assures on quality issues during manufacturing as well.

We are excited and equally feel responsible in this amazing journey of transforming ourselves into a truly global healthcare company so that we can fullfill a wide range of health and wellness needs around the world, as we blaze a new trial in our efforts to help people realize better health and a brighter future. In a rapidly changing industry, we are one of the fast-growing healthcare organization to deliver products of uncompromising quality and value.

Come Join us in steps of Better Health & Brighter Future!